Rexodus VR

Rexodus VR

Making A Great First Impression

In the summer of 2015 we dove headfirst into our first VR project. As narrative storytellers we were fascinated by the challenge that to tell a story in VR, the audience had control of the camera. They framed each shot as their attention was drawn to the each story beat. As an animation company we had already adopted the real time rendering capabilities of the Unreal Engine in 2013. So we were ready, but what story to tell?

We had recently developed and launched a new IP starting with a graphic novel published by Dark Horse. It was a universe of dinosaurs, space and magma powered weapons. Our first effort in VR would be Rexodus and the promotion of our graphic novel. What better way to bring attention to a classic medium like comics than with a medium on the verge.

We are very proud to say the Rexodus VR was a hit. So much so that it was featured as one of six experiences to try on the original Oculus Share website. It was the first of many signs that VR was going to have a big role in XALTER’s future.

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