Walmart Virtual Showroom

Walmart Virtual Showroom

Walmarts Year Beginning Meeting (YBM) is to share company strategies and marketing messaging with 7,000+ of their managers. It is a critical opportunity for each store category and the brands they partner with to impress both the global executive team and individual store managers with a winning merchandising plan.

Blowing Leaves and Minds

When the Senior Buying Manager for Lawn and Garden was looking for a way to stand out from his peers and create an experience that would drive their messaging to the front of store manager minds, they turned to virtual reality and XALTER. Collaborating with outdoor brands Husqvarna, Briggs & Stratton, MTD and Positec we built a riding mower experience that would make Walt Disney proud (if Walt were a passionate lawn and garden guy).

It was this project where we really honed our asset optimization skills minimizing polygon counts to get maximum performance and visual quality. With 18 individual VR stations the experience was a huge hit as managers were standing room only waiting to go for a fun and informative ride that drove home the how their store could turn the consumers lawn care needs could put their store in the green.

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