Steampuff Phinnegan’s Factory VR

Phinnegans Factory

Jumping, Dodging and Ducking Our Way Into Virtual Reality We have been developing fantastical worlds and crafting stories and experiences to bring them to life since the beginning. The Skyhigh City of Steampuff is a world steampowered trains that transform into robots. First realized as a web series, it was obvious that experiencing it in […]

Walmart Divide and Conquer

Walmart Divide and Conquer

It’s all in how you tell the story When the CIO of Walmart reaches out because she needs a video to cast vision for her latest technology initiative, you don’t say no. Even when the timelines are short and the details are few. For several years our team assisted the c-suites of Walmart to bring […]

Walmart Way Better

Walmart Way Better Xalter Studios

Kids are way better at things that matter. A senior Walmart executive was planning to give the keynote address at the National Retail Federation and wanted some media support to better engage the audience. The challenge her team put to us was how do we make the abstract idea of “convenience” and “saving time” something […]

Pac Man The Movie

Pac Man Xalter Studios

Bringing 8 bits into 3 Dimensions What began as a challenge to bring a classic video game legend to a live action medium became a love letter to our childhood memories. Pac Man The Movie represents the passion of our team to create something straight from our nerdy little hearts. Produced on our dime and […]